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Recruiting and Appointing

Guidelines and tools for employing staff, including a few employment contracts options, and recruitment tools.

Managing Employees

Day to day management of employees, including basic HR forms such as a leave form, a deduction form and more.

Ending Employment

Sometimes the employment relationship has to come to an end. Here are some guides and documents to make sure it is done legally.

SME Compliance

Small businesses must be compliant with a number of laws and regulations. Here are some tools to ensure you are legal and up to date.

Legal Tools

Terms and conditions, POPI, PAIA, CPA and more.

Finance tools

A few basic finance guidelines including payroll information.

Articles and News

Some essential business knowledge and interesting articles.

Media suggestions

Links to websites with more information to run a successful business.

Internet marketing

Help with websites, social media and making sure you spread the word.


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